Antarctic Mountains

Deciding on a trip is very easy for most people. Because of this tendency in people, February 13, 1877 was the day when the first charter flight was scheduled to go to Antarctica and the person responsible for this was an Australian businessman and brainstormer. For this lively electronic executive who was 33 years old, looking at a map one morning made him wonder why there are no flights made by a regular aircraft going to Antarctica and returning to Sydney on the same day.

It was decided in November of 1976 that he would contact the Australian premier flag carrier because he was able to find out that they are one of the developed countries who could charter a 707 to Antarctica. There was a lack of seriousness for the airline at first. Besides not being able to abide by such a request the Australian carrier was also worrying about how financially benefiting this plan could be. But his seriousness and persistence soon changed the charter manager’s thinking.

It needed much time before people were agreeing to buy plane tickets. As little as six passenger confirmations were received for the charter at first. But word travelled around, and soon a newspaper in Sydney ran a story about the flight. After the paper published the story, a lot of people started to make reservations for the flight. What they accomplished in four hours was filling up a 707 plane. About three 707s could be filled up with the number of passengers they got within the day.

After receiving countless reservations he contacted the airline and made a request for two 747s. At first, he said that they did not believe his request. In the end, they got a jumbo for the trip instead.

From the airline spokesman in Sydney came the advice of viewing the Antarctic during the best possible time and this is when there is clear weather during the summer in the Southern hemisphere running from November to February. Viewing conditions in this case are not guaranteed and when it comes to visibility it is always at a risk basis. It was said that no additional safety precautions were necessary. The superintendent of Australia’s major airline said that the flight is an ordinary, routine pattern.

A flight like this was not ordinary even for a 22 year veteran who flew the first flight from his country’s flag carrier to South America. What he said was that he did not know what he would be seeing. Plain and simple, all of it was pure and clean enormity. There is nothing that can match how white the white over there is and how the shades of blue are.

The sight was completely amazing. You could say that he felt extreme ecstasy and never intended to miss one sight.

Seat swapping was done for those assigned window seating and they did this periodically. Viewing intervals were measured by using a computer system during the trip. The flight pattern takes into account maximum viewing potential from both sides of the aircraft. Taking into consideration how adverse the Antarctic weather can get, they managed to devise a plan that allowed for the complete penetrations of all of the kinds of scenery in the continent including the glaciers and ice plateaus to the coastline and the mountains.

Flying over the location can take as much as 12 1/2 hours. When not flying over the Antarctic, time is taken up with diversions such as guest lectures, movies, and games. With this airline, you get full course meals and customary cabin service as well.

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