Camping Gear For the Season

Whether you are a summer camper, winter snowbird or a first time camper, there are several things to keep in mind when getting your camping gear ready to use. Camping is a wonderful experience for the whole family, if you have everything ready to go when the opportunity presents itself.

First give all of your camping gear a good cleaning. Mildew can be a problem that might show up on your camping gear after the winter storage. If some mildew has accumulated on some of your camping gear, then get out your bottle of white vinegar. Be sure to scrub with it full strength.  This usually helps to remove the mildew problem. It will also help to clean the shower heads in your motor homes.Another solution that you might use is to mix one half cup of borax and one gallon of hot tap water and scrub everything with this mixture. After removing the mildew, scrub again with this mixture. Then leave it on, instead of rinsing off, for a more lasting result.

Next check over all your camping gear to be sure that it is in good condition. Repair  any  rips or tears you might have in your tents, or sleeping bags. If they can not be repaired then look to buy some new ones. Check out all appliances that you might use and make sure they are working and clean. Don’t forget to check out your coolers and make sure they are sealing good so that your ice and food will stay fresh longer. Even if you have a refrigerator in your motor home, a cooler is always handy for day trips that you might take.

Last be sure to make up a master list of items you plan to take on all camping trips. Make several copies of this list so that each time you are ready to take off, you can easily check to see that you have everything you need . Some items that you might want on your list are: what foods you might need to add, extra cooking utensils, toiletry items, first aid kit, swimming and boating gear, lawn chairs or hammocks, water shoes, bedding, laundry soap, and table cloths for the outside picnic table. I like to cut one plastic table cloth into two pieces lengthwise and use this one on the seats of the picnic table. Be sure not to forget to put some toys, movies and games on your master list in case of a rainy day.

Also if you are planning to do weekend camping, make sure  to reserve your camping space early. Have a wonderful time camping and enjoying the outdoors with your family. It is a great way to relax and get away from the everyday stress you might have.

Paula Hamilton, the owner of outside, has been camping since she was a child. Visiting with people and learning about all the extras that can make camping and outdoor experiences fun, has become the goal of outside Please check out our site frequently at since we are always adding new extras for your outside adventures.

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