Carp Fishing Tackle Including Rods Reels and Gear

It is very important to have quality tackle when fishing for trophy carp. That includes your rod, reel, tackle, and other gear that is deemed mandatory before any fishing excursion. Some of you may think you need all the best equipment and baits to have a successful outing. This is not always the case and I will talk a little about some simple advice in order to help you have a more successful fishing trip.

Starting with your rod and reel, it is important to have the right kind, without having to spend a great deal of money. Reels with a good amount of line capacity are great for a long casting rod that can reach where the carps are biting. Sometimes they bite close to shore, but they also are known to be a bit finicky at times.

Other important tackle includes swivels, hooks and line. All these must be of good quality. Do not save a couple bucks by getting generic carp gear. You may not think it will matter, but the life of cheap equipment is not long at all. You should also have a net, and make sure it is not one of those old green lined nets. These are bad for the fish and also often weak. It may take the rest of the day to untangle a fish after landing one in this thing.

Another important topic to consider is bait. Many people just use corn, worms, night crawlers, dough balls, or other simple things. These all work great, but there are advanced techniques out there now including hair rigs, boilies, and other various things that helps catch more carp. Many times the area should be chummed up for the fish to become active. This can be done with slingshots or other custom made things to launch things like corn into the feeding area. Some people do this a few days before they plan on fishing. Just make sure no one takes your spot!

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