Ghost Hunting – Get Started Guide

Ghost hunting has become very popular lately because of the new shows on TV like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Most Haunted and Paranormal State. These shows all have the same purpose: Go into a house or building where paranormal experiences have been felt or documented and find evidence to accept or reject the idea of a real ghost. Evidence of a actual haunting is very hard to prove. The actual experiences felt by the ghost hunter cannot be fully felt by the person watching on TV. There is a huge range of personal emotions felt by these ghost hunters like fear, anxiety, illness, coldness and the whole idea that what they are feeling cannot be felt by others. You must actually experience a ghost hunt first hand for yourself to experience all there is to know. Although it is possible to go hunting for ghosts without any special equipment, it is usually in your best interest to bring some of the essential gear.

Video camera – This is essential to document and record all the events as they are unfolding. More than one camera would be ideal. If you go with a friend you can each hold a camera and record each other and surrounding events.

Digital camera – Try to take lots of still shots when you feel something is near you even if nothing is visible to you. The camera often captures what you cannot see.

Pen and paper – Make sure you record what you see and when it happened on paper. Sometimes these hunts last until the wee hours of the morning and becomes hard to remember specific times and events if you don’t write them down when they happen.

EMF meter – This reads the fluctuation in electromagnetic fields. Make sure you take reading of all areas before you begin your hunt. These fluctuations can actually be the reason why people experience feelings of “someone watching them” or feelings of fear or euphoria. Tests have been shown that high electromagnetic fields in the home can actually produce these symptoms in residents living in the home. Now if you can rule out previous high levels then fluctuations are good evidence of something else in the area.

Don’t go alone – Who knows what could happen all alone in a dark building.

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