Guide To Go Camping in the Lake District

Have you ever been to the Lake District? It is known as one of the most famous destinations for every camper in the United Kingdom. If you have any opportunity to go to this place, do not miss it.


Whether you’ve been camping before, or you’re planning for your first time, there are several things you should do before and during your camping holiday to make sure it goes without problem.


Take a look at this short guide I’ve put together – it should give you all the information you need to make sure your holiday camping in the lakes is as perfect as it can be!


Camping in the lakes – the ultimate guide


First of all (before you go camping in the lakes), you should make sure the tent you are using is big enough for the party going, and that it is waterproof. The easiest way to test this is to put it up in your garden, have everyone get inside and then use a hosepipe to spray the outside of it. If it leaks, make sure you seal this up before heading camping in the lakes.


Now you’ve sorted your tent, make sure you’ve got enough gas, batteries, water, etc. for your camping holiday in the lakes. You might also want to take your camera to capture the beautiful scenery – so make sure it’s charged!


Choose a campsite in the Lake District that’s close to things you want to do. You can often find campsites near the main villages/towns and close to some of the lakes themselves.


When you get to your campsite in the Lake District, pitch your tent far away from trees and un-steady ground. Make sure you find a strong patch of grass! During your stay, make sure you respect the local environment by tidying any rubbish away and keeping the area looking clean and pristine!


Finally, just enjoy yourself when you are camping in the lakes! Enjoy the views, and enjoy being part of the great outdoors!


To help make your mind up on which campsite to go to while in the Lakes, take a look at the author’s website by checking out the link below.


Hi, I’m Robert.

I live in the Lake District in the UK, and love having people come to me for anything to do with camping in the lakes. I’m a camping enthusiast and believe there is no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to go camping!

For reviews of pretty much every single campsite in the Lake District, along with pictures and guides to camping, visit

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