Hi-vis Gear For The Hunting Season

Hunting is a national pastime in many parts of the United States. During their respective open seasons, hundreds of people from the South and Mid-West go out in an effort to bag game. It doesnt matter if its snowing, raining or its as humid as the inside of a watermelon, a good hunter has the patience to slog though anything for the sake of the perfect shot.

Its a fun and challenging hobby for many men in the country. Hunting can be a vehicle for bonding and camaraderie as well as a source of cheap and plentiful food. It also serves to help the local animal populations by preventing over-crowding and widespread food shortages in the wild.

Before heading out and going hunting, make sure that all your gear is in check. Make it a habit to clean and inspect all the nooks and crannies of your weapons. Guns are dangerous and they should always receive the proper care and maintenance to prevent any mishaps. Pack enough food and drink to last you the day. Resist the temptation to scrimp; it doesnt hurt to pack a few extra sandwiches just in case. Finally, you should wear appropriate attire for your activities.

A good choice for a hunting vest is a certified ANSI safety vest. They come in a multitude of sizes, cuts and designs that all share the high-visibility component that a hunting vest requires. They are all constructed from loud, garish fabrics of orange or neon green. They also feature reflective patches and sections that aid in indentifying you as a person rather than an animal. The goal here is to be as distinctive from prey as possible in order to minimize the chance of getting shot by mistake by your fellow hunters.

The best ANSI safety vest can also do double duty as your shooting bandoleer. There are several models that have larger pockets and loops where you can place spare bullets and other miscellaneous gun paraphernalia. They are thick and warm as well, with each section layered in multiple sheets of fabric. The vests can be quite comfy when spending hours out in the cold waiting for your target to show itself.

When you go out to purchase your vest of choice, remember to buy muck boots, too. Good, solid rubber boots are a blessing when crossing muddy fields or fording shallow streams.

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