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Most hunting advice sources all over the web will tell you that the best time to maximize your chances of bagging a nice buck is the rut. The rut is the peak deer hunting time of the season when bucks and does will reproduce.

Starting in bow season, bucks will prepare for the rut by leaving scrapes all over the woods. A scrape is where a buck scratches the ground, leaving his mark for all of the other bucks in the area to notice. Its a method that bucks use to start figuring out who the dominant buck is. Bucks will always make a scrape under a limb. They do this so that they can rub their nose on it and leave scent. Other bucks competing for that area will come by, scrape some more, and smell the limb. So your probably thinking now that a scrape is a good spot to hunt a buck, right? Well, you are correct, but you have to understand one thing first.

For whatever reason male whitetail deer will make scrapes during the night. Is this a guarantee? No, but it is very common for a buck to do. Once fall starts coming bucks will begin to pee in the scrapes for other deer to smell. Bucks will also start rubbing tree’s with their antlers. They do this in order to rub the velvet off their horns, and leave sign for other bucks to notice. Bucks also rub tree’s in order to strengthen their necks for fighting during the rut. Once bucks start rubbing trees and stating their dominance, they start to let their guard down. This is why hunters are so successful at harvesting mature deer during the rut.

Bucks begin to worry less about predators and more about does. They begin to start roaming and begin to start being noticed. Once a doe is ready to breed, she will urinate in a whitetail bucks scrape which lets him know that she is ready to mate. So when he comes by to check his scrape he will notice. One more piece of hunting advice you should know is that bucks will urinate on their “hawks” formally called tarsal glands. These glands are on the insides of their back legs and will turn black when the buck is in rut. This is a great way of knowing that the rut is in full swing. Once the rut starts you need to start hunting harder and longer. That is longer hours in order to optimize your chances of seeing a trophy whitetail. Bucks will start wandering around trying to find a hot doe and when they do, they are rarely distracted. I hope these deer hunting advice tips will help you next season.

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