Rafting in Brahmaputra

The mighty Brahmaputra is considered by many rafters as the biggest white-water run in the world. So big that it has been thought to be bigger than the Colorado, Zambezi or White Nile. With holes the size of houses, five meters waves, huge eddy-lines and sucking whirlpools, it has features of big water and is surely not for the faint hearted! Rich wildlife with tigers, elephants, leopards, deer and over 300 different species of birds is like a feather in its hat.

A premier rafting expedition in the world today, it is a must for rafting enthusiasts and seasoned rafters. This trip recommended to the first-timers. as the length and grade require a bit of prior experience. If you wish to kayak in these waters it is recommended that you have prior big water experience.

The expedition starts on a few kilometers from the Tibetan border where the river assumes the name Brahmaputra after crossing Indian border. The journey takes you through distinctive tribal territory in the remotest area of India. Access is limited to one thousand visitors per annum and what you see here is unusual and precious. The people here are virtually untouched by the modern world and they still live in a world long forgotten. That itself is a great learning experience.

The best time to run the Upper Brahmaputra’s legendary Ningguing and Marmong gorges is during the months of Nov-Dec each year which is considered to be the prime time for rafting. For first timers, this place is a great learning experience as it provides a great insight into the river valley and the tribal way of life. Rafting on Brahmaputra will be a great learning experience. The training will cover the basics of paddling, rescue and safety measures.  You will be introduced to white water rapids where you will learn to navigate down the Ningguing and Marmong valleys. You will raft through other runs and camp on the beaches. You will raft down a rapid called Morning madness and spend the day learning how to kayak and lazing around.

Brahmaputra’s upper reaching Tibet, where it becomes the Tsang Po was only fully explored by a leading international team of kayakers in 2003. The great Tsang Po River which emerges from the core of Himalayas and flows east crossing Tibet and just before turning south towards India it makes a path between Greater Himalayan Range and the Namche Barwa, at 7782 m.

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