Sea Kayaking Trips in Scotland

You could look at many reasons why this is the case. One is certainly that it does look very appealing to many people. Just sitting in a small water craft and gently paddle along the coast. It certainly looks good on photos. There are many coastlines along the United Kingdom which can be explored from the water.


The west coast of the Scottish Highlands lends itself perfectly to this sport. The coastline is so that there are always some places where you can go sea kayaking and the rugged sea cliffs and caves are stunning to look at. Also the marine wild life in Scotland is not something to be missed. There are always seals to be seen since there are not many predators about. You will also the occasional dolphin and porpoise. Whales and basking sharks are a bit harder to spot but have been seen by many sea kayakers at the Inner and Outer Hebrides. And then there are the many sea birds like shags, guillemots and the occasional eagle (golden and sea).


It certainly looks very relaxing too, to sit all day and paddle along in the sea. Of course there is more to it than meets the eye. To paddle in the sea efficiently requires good training and practice. Professional sea kayakers make it look easy and that is for a good reason. They are very efficient with their paddle strokes.


Just like any other outdoor activity you can take it further. The sea is a very dynamic place and can take you to places with big waves and swells. This of course requires a lot of skill to handle you kayak right. After all you want to be in control of the craft and not the water.


Luckily there are many places who will provide courses in sea kayaking to get a novice to look good on photos too. Well and learn some new skills on the way too. For those who like to advance their sea kayaking skills there are providers for this too. We are very lucky in the UK since we have the BCU (British Canoe Union) which controls the sea kayaking qualifications. Most other countries copy the way the BCU do things. For a good reason…

Andreas Heinzl

Outdoor Instructor and Web Designer in Scotland