Setting Up a Folding Camper

Setting up a folding camper can seem a little daunting at first. The finished structure appears to be a maze of complicated supports and poles. The reality is that most of the hard work is taken care of by the unique design. The manufacturers go to great lengths to make them as easy to set up possible. Most can be erected in under 10 minutes, and the manufacturers use this as a selling point when you come to buy.

The reason they can be set up so quickly is because most of the time all you need to do is turn a couple of winches, and some even have these motorised or with gas supports. The main cabin is simply wound up from the trailer and it starts to reach it’s full height in a matter of minutes. The canvas rises with it, and then you simply fold the sides and the roof around the cabin. The windows are already built in, as is the main door.

Inside, the double beds just fold out and to support them you pull out the support legs which are situated below the cabin frame. The kitchen area is already in place inside, so it is just a question of adding your utensils and other cutlery. Most kitchens fold away into a more flat position when you are packing things back up. Most folding campers do not need any pegging to be done, the trailer acts as the support, and the sides and front are attached using velcro. The curtains and inner lining are also in place as you wind up the cabin, so once up you can have a working inner space.

This is ideal if there is bad weather because it means you can be dry and protected in no time at all. It also protects the things inside from getting wet as you set up. The only item that will take time to set up is if you have an awning. These need to be pegged down and secured or they will flap in the wind.

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