The Adventure and Rush in Extreme Kayaking

Have you been looking for an amazing thrill? Are you looking for a new way to test yourself physically and mentally? Are you the type of person that enjoys trying new things and taking risks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then extreme kayaking is what you’re looking for.

Extreme kayaking is basically kayaking on intense, fast paced rivers filled with rapids and waterfalls. You need to be both mentally and physically strong to be able to participate successfully, and you’ll need to have the proper equipment. You need a high quality, sturdy kayak, as well as safety equipment that will protect you from hazards such as hitting rocks.

As mentioned, extreme kayaking requires a great deal of strength and physical conditioning. You should participate in both strength training and cardio training to get prepared to go on an extreme kayaking trip. You’ll need the strength to help control and steer your kayak against strong currents and rushing waters. You’ll need the cardio to be able to keep doing it for a long period of time.

Mentally, you need to be ready to deal with unexpected challenges and dangerous situations. Not thinking clearly and calmly at all moments can lead you to trouble. You have to be able to maintain control over yourself and know that you can handle whatever is thrown in your direction.

It’s best to start small with extreme kayaking. You have to make sure of course that you can swim and that you can handle a kayak in normal circumstances. Then you should start gradually working up to larger rapids and faster waters. You don’t want to throw yourself into the deep end right away, you have to test yourself on easier waters so that you build up experience, strength and skill.

For many people, extreme kayaking is all about the rush it provides. It’s just you and nature, one on one, and you’re facing a powerful force that could easily have its way with you. But emerging on the other end provides the ultimate in terms of sense of accomplishment. It’s an all natural rush of excitement and energy that can’t be easily replicated.

You can take an afternoon trip out to a river near you, or many people are now taking weekend long or even longer trips to special locations known for their great and intense rapids. Extreme kayaking trips are the ultimate in adventure seeking tourism, and can provide a once in a lifetime experience. Additionally, if you go on a long trip with a group of friends you’ll also have the opportunity to be camping in the wilderness as well.

Extreme kayaking might not be for everybody, but for the adventure seekers out there it is a fantastic way to get a rush and test yourself. It’s the ultimate challenge, you have to test yourself physically and mentally and push yourself to achieve new things. Nothing beats extreme kayaking for an all natural rush of excitement.

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