White Water Rafting Adventures

Family Adventure can be had by the entire family in White Water. If you have kids from 12 on up you will want to consider this adventure for your next vacation. I highly recommend Cataract Canyon.

Cataract Canyon is on the Colorado River before the flow of the river has been choked off by man made dams. You will be thrilled by the ride that cannot be recreated in any amusement park. The river can reach extreme flows during when a lot of snow has fallen during the winter months.

The White Water Rafting Adventure in the Colorado River here is in big water. The rapids here are rated from 1 to 10 an extreme ride that will give you an adrenaline rush to not be missed. Families will bond with trust and excitement. During high spring run off times the National Park Service establishes a camp below big drop to rescue people with power boats.

The river trip is 47 miles long. You start the trip down the Colorado from Moab, Utah. You will travel through colorful canyons and leave the rat race of city life behind. Discover the ruins of lost civilizations. Hear about the mysteries of the area and have a trip you and your family will never forget.

Cataract Canyon rapids occur when the Green River and the Colorado meet. White water rapids are just a natural cause of the meeting of the waters. Just enjoy the ride.

Most of the White Water Rafting providers in the area have a 5 day river trip package. It usually includes meals. You still will need to set up your tent at the end of the day. Food is usually plentiful and taste great after a day on the river.

If you would like to experience the river and do not have 5 days to spend on the river consider a power boat tour. Power boat tours do not provide the same experience they only are a 1 day trip. After a powerboat trip I am willing to bet you will return for a longer adventure.

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