Best Places To Hike In The Tucson Area

At the base of the Catalina Mountains is the Finger Rock trail. This is a very steep incline guaranteed to give you a great work out. The views of the range and the city are spectacular. This trail is not really for the beginner as it has a lot of difficult terrain. But if you are an advanced hiker you will appreciate the effort you will need to make to reach the summit. This is a trail that takes up to eight hours to complete and if you are not used to hiking you should attempt a few of the easier trails and work your way up to this one.

Moving around to the West, on the same mountain range you will find Pusch Peak; this one is a little less of a difficulty but still one of the best places for a great workout. This provides you with great scenery and enough changes in terrain to make certain no muscle is left out. The views include the city of Tucson, the Tucson Mountains and Mount Lemon. The elevation is a 2700-foot gain and the entire trip covers four miles from start to finish.

Douglas Spring trail is great for the novice. This one can be negotiated in your sneakers but hiking boots are recommended since the farther up you go the more difficult the terrain gets. Most hikers end their trip at Bridal Wreath Falls. This is an opportunity to see one of the rarest sights the desert has to offer. A real live waterfall surrounded by the flora and fauna of the desert. If you go during the drier months you can climb up the falls themselves.

For those of you who are bringing along the family the Cam – Boh is a great trail for them. It starts out sandy and turns into hard packed dirt. It turns into a real desert day trip a little ways in. this last for only about a mile and a half. Keep going for another mile and the family can get out of the sun at the ramada. This trail has a great picnic area and the little ones are sure to have worked up quite an appetite.

Tucson is a great little city to visit. Tucson is sunny 350 days a year so there is nothing to hinder the hiking and any other fun you would like to have. You have your choice of spas, horseback riding, or a day at the museum. You can spend the day visiting some of the Native American historical sites and make mini hikes all around the area. The hiking trails are plentiful and they all have something different to offer. When planning your next hiking trip you could do worse than visiting Tucson.

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