Hunting Spotting Scopes

Ever since we stepped out of the caves we have had an insatiable desire to look at the stars. That desire has never gone away, and as a result Galileo invented the telescope. The modern telescope is fairly nice, but for those who enjoy watching nature it isn’t quite as convenient. The spotting scope however is a decent device that will allow virtually anyone to take advantage of nature, seeing things as they like and ultimately have a much better experience.

What are hunting spotting scopes? How do they work? What can they do for you that a telescope can’t? Believe it or not there are plenty of answers to that question and to start we will discuss the hunting benefits. As a hunter you will be able to use your spotting scopes to view your prey from far off. This will give you a much clearer image than any pair of binoculars depending on the magnification you choose.

In addition to hunting you might also use your spotting scopes to watch for birds. There are still many bird watchers out there, all of them keen on identifying new birds, or birds that have migrated into the area. Using these spotting scopes you will be able to take a look at the avian wildlife and take your notes accordingly.


There are three numbers printed on any scope and those numbers have a particular meaning. The first two numbers are a representation of the magnification. The third number is the diameter of the lens, the most common diameter being about 50mm. You will find that a larger diameter provides you with a larger viewing area.


Spotting scopes are typically refractors save for a few, and refraction involves the use of prisms. These prisms turn the image right side up and correct it properly, and there are two types of prisms in use today. First we will talk about the porro prism, and these are very popular simply because they are easy to produce and cheap to purchase. Roof prisms are a bit more portable and they are much more expensive. They also provide a higher quality which makes the ownership of these devices something that only the most elite of hunters and spotters will enjoy.

As you can clearly see, these scopes can be of use to virtually anyone that enjoys the finer side of nature. View the skies, look at the avian life or scope out your prey on your next hunting trip. Whatever it is you plan to do with your spotting scopes, you can be sure that it will be much more convenient than doing the same with a telescope. If you’re ready to experience a great view of the world, then you’re ready to look into hunting spotting scopes.

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