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All Purpose Fishing Gear For Beginners

When you set out to learn how to fish, to be successful, you need multiple types of fishing tackle. This is because, like humans, not all fish like the same things. All though nothing is truly all-purpose, there is some basic, general fishing gear that is practical for any beginner that will do the trick…

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School Trips

Exciting and stimulating School Trips tailored to your school’s needs Learning within the classroom setting can be fun but you can’t beat taking your students on School Trips where they’ll learn in exciting new environments. You can teach them history about the blitz in World War II from a whiteboard or arrange School Trips where…

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Choosing Fly Fishing Equipment

As the popularity of fly fishing has grown, so has the availability, and choice, of ¬†gear to use for this very enjoyable sport. This means though, that unless you really know what you are looking for, the choice of equipment can be rather overwhelming. The best advice is, just focus on the basics and you’ll…

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