All Purpose Fishing Gear For Beginners

When you set out to learn how to fish, to be successful, you need multiple types of fishing tackle. This is because, like humans, not all fish like the same things. All though nothing is truly all-purpose, there is some basic, general fishing gear that is practical for any beginner that will do the trick no matter whether you want to jetty/ pier fish, bay fish, rock fish, or fish on the beach. Here is a basic list of things that you should consider having to start your fishing hobby.

Fishing Reels
You want to find a nice sturdy, mid grade fishing reel with a fixed spool. This will handle all of your fishing needs to start with. You can use this kind of reel at any of the above-mentioned fishing places without much trouble. This very basic reel is easier to cast than a multiplier or something to that nature that requires a more skilled angler.

Fishing Rod
You want a nice, flexible rod that will allow for mistakes as you learn. The way to test a rod’s flexibility is to take the tip end of the rod and bend it down toward the butt of the rod, where your hand goes. If you can do this without the rod snapping back at you, you have a winner of a fishing rod. You want to find a fishing rod that is approximately 10-12 feet long. Any shorter and pier fishing will be difficult, any longer and the rod will become uncomfortable and awkward for the beginner angler.

You will more than likely hear all kinds of things about various types of fishing line. As a beginner, you want to stick with Monofilament line. It is very forgiving and flexible unlike some of the newer fishing line available on the market. Until you have become a skilled fisher, sticking to the easy to use basics is best because you could end up spending a lot of money otherwise.

The larger the hook, the more it is recommended for the beginner. A #6 or #10 is most commonly recommended for beginning fishers because it is not too big but not too small and you can catch most any kind of fish with either size. These are a single hook unlike some of the more fancy ones that you can purchase today that have more than one hook, barbs everywhere and other fancy things that can complicate things more than necessary.

Bobbers and Floats
Bobbers and floats are not an essential part of fishing but they are quite handy tools to have in your tackle box. The purpose of these tools is to keep your hook and bait at a certain level in the water after it has been cast. The point of the bobber is to alert you to the fact that something is trying to eat your bait. That way you know it is time to start reeling them in.

Lures are what trick the fish into getting on your line. If you were to walk into a store, you could literally see isles of fishing lure, something that can become quite overwhelming for the beginner fisher. When it really comes down to it, there are only five types of lures that the beginner should be concerned with. These are soft plastics, plugs, spinners, jigs, and spoons.

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