Kayaking – A Life Sport at Sea and See Level

Getting fit at sea level. We are a nation of multi-taskers. That’s a theme that goes back to our founding. The Minutemen were a bunch of farmers who also started a revolution. And they were fighting a professional army!! Makes talking on a cell phone, driving, and eating breakfast seem somewhat insignificant.


Sorry, I got off subject there for a moment; it’s the patriot in me. My point was about multi-tasking. And now to go off in a totally different direction: Imagine you want to get fit, you want to get some fresh air, and you want to see the world around you. What is a great way to do this? Kayaking.


As a life sport, kayaking is hard to beat. The first rule of a life sport is that it is accessible. Kayaking can be done on rivers, lakes, bays, canals, and oceans. If you don’t live in Death Valley, chances are there is a proper body of water nearby (Stay out of your neighbors pool though, it’s not only rude, it’s really not good exercise).


And a kayak can be loaded or unloaded off the roof of a car in a manner of minutes. See all those people on the road with kayaks on the roofs? They pull up to a body of water and they are launched in five minutes. Much cheaper than paying for a boat slip or launch fees.


Once you are in kayak, you can get a nice cardio and muscle workout without killing yourself. But if you do feel like pushing, go ahead, your body will thank you and it beats staring at a TV screen on a treadmill. It’s a great upper body workout.


Finally, what I consider the best part. You get to see the world around you. This is not only sea level, it’s “see” level. Get to know the banks of nearby river. Get to know the coves on a lake. And do it unencumbered by electronics. When I am running, kayaking or doing anything outdoors the last thing I want to do is listen to an iPod. The world is the best background music, whether it’s the sounds of nature or the noise of the city.


So, in the American tradition, you are multi-tasking. You are enjoying nature, getting to know the world around you, and you are getting to in shape. And this can all be done in a convenient manner. This is a sport where you will get hooked. You will start small and make it part of your life. Day trips, vacations, tours, can all be built around your new love.


As far as expenses go, they can vary. You may want to try a rental to see if this truly works for you. Then, when you fall in love with kayaking, you can buy a kayak that fits in your budget. You can probably find a decent used one locally or on Craigslist or eBay. And, if you have the budget, kayaks, like anything else, come in luxury models. Please don’t skip on the safety equipment, wear a life preserver.


Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Dickie_Edwards