Sea Kayaking in Phuket, the experience of a lifetime

Phuket, the largest island in Thailand is renowned as a major destination for tourists. Phuket offers a multitude of different beaches offering diverse attractions. The island is noted for its lovely natural scenery as well as its vibrant nightlife and entertainment options.


Kayaking in the environs of Phuket is the experience of a lifetime. Take the opportunity to explore the surroundings, either in a traditional kayak or a purpose-designed inflatable canoe and you will be enchanted by a world you never knew existed. The sturdy canoes will take you through a mesmerizing maze of almost surreal crystalline limestone caves which are known in the local language as ‘hongs’.


In fact the hongs are systems of caves which have collapsed in the interiors of the islands of the region, which in fact can only be accessed through these special canoes. The labyrinth of secluded caves, tunnels and streams are a sight not to be seen anywhere else in the world. The strangely beautiful scenery of these caves never fails to enthrall the traveller. The collapsed caverns were created by the forces of nature over millennia and remain a magical and enchanting place. Sea canoeing in these caverns is an ideal eco-friendly activity as it does not unduly disturb the wildlife of surrounding areas. It also provides plenty of time to admire the amazing scenery of the caves.


If you would rather not take on the exertion of paddling the canoes, trained guides with a sound knowledge of the area’s geography and natural history will do the work for you. Each of the hongs has its own distinctive character and attributes; therefore it is easy to spend several days exploring the varied scenery on offer.


The visitor will enter a pristine natural world occupied by birds, monkeys and fish; you will be enchanted by the silence of the forest punctuated only by the songs of birds.  A daytime excursion to the hongs will be memorable enough, but a nighttime journey promises to be even more magical, with the limestone formations glimmering in the moonlight.

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