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Kayaking Tours: The Ultimate Destinations

Kayaking tours have emerged as the most favorite summer adventure activity in modern times. People these days look out for a blend of great food, wonderful accommodation and fun filled tour plan for their kayaking tour. Now, you can easily find many places where you can always undertake kayaking. However, getting a blend of all the above mentioned things is not always possible. This is where the need for the right choice of kayaking adventure destination comes into the picture. Here are some of the most preferred kayaking vacation destinations you must visit.

Prince William Sound, Alaska: The place offers a blend of wildlife, islands and of course kayaking. This kayaking vacation destination is very close to Anchorage and is home to some great wildlife attractions such as Whales, eagles, bears and salmon. The destination is also surrounded by beautiful mountains such as Chugach and Kenai mountains and their ice-fields.

Ellesmere Island, Canada: For the truly adventurous kayaker, there is no better destination than Ellesmere, in the high arctic. Located a three-hour flight north of Resolute Bay, the fjords of Ellesmere Island are unparalleled for high arctic sea kayaking, making a great challenge for experienced kayaking tour lovers. Scenically, there are unusual and scenic landscapes, historic Inuit sites, dry weather, continuous sunlight and rich plant, bird and animal communities. And all this is within 800km of the North Pole.

Baja, Mexico: This kayaking vacation destination offers a blend of warm water and magnificent marine life. The translucent waters of Baja offers some great species like dolphins, sea lions, and blue whales. If you are searching for a kayaking tour where the weather is warm then Baja in Mexico is the ideal place for you.

Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada: Also known as the ‘Canadian Galapagos’, this island chain offers both cultural and natural history. Here you get to enjoy wonderful sea life with the likes of seabirds, seals, sea lions, dolphins, and whales. The island is also well known for its old-growth forests and remnants of the cultural history of the native Haida, including collections of carved totem poles.

I hope these inputs help you with some great kayaking tour destinations where you can enjoy a bit of everything.

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