Recreational Kayaks

So you’re thinking about getting into kayaking. Think it might be a good way to spend some time? Well, you’re going to need to decide on what kind of boat you want to get, and there are a few different types out there, each with their own benefits and downfalls. It is going be up to you to decide which type of kayak you need, so make sure you put some thought into the decision before you rush out and get whatever it is that you have pictured in your mind.

First of all, you’ve got your basic recreational kayak. This kayak is typically ten to sixteen feet long, and made of a highly durable material, like rotomold, a high impact plastic. These are very low maintenance, and they are great for slow meandering rivers, ponds, lakes, and activities like fishing or nature-watching. You can typically find a recreational kayak at any large sporting goods department store that has an outdoors section. These are the most common, and most universally useful boats.

There are also ocean kayaks. Ocean kayaks are typically longer and narrower boats, and are commonly made of fiberglass materials. Ocean kayaks are good for long journeys and cutting through waves. However, remember whenever you are kayaking in the ocean, rinse off your boat after you get out of the water to reduce salt corrosion of the metal pieces on your boat.

A good type of kayak, if you just want to have a low maintenance boat, is a sit on top kayak. You do not need to worry about getting the boat filled with water, and they are typically the easiest to use. However, these boats are limited in activities. For example, they are typically not good for long trips or going down rivers.

There are also inflatable kayaks out there that have come a long way in the scheme of things. Inflatable kayaks are good because they can be easily stored if you are in multiclimate area and won’t be able to go out for the winter. An inflatable kayak also allows easy of transportation. However, you will need to provide some way of inflating the kayak at different points. Along the same lines of an inflatable kayak is a folding kayak. A folding kayak offers the same benefits of an inflatable kayak, but you must take it apart and rebuilt it often.

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