Kayak Shops

Kayaking is a leisure water sport and a fun activity wherein the entire family can spend quality time together. To cater to the growing clientele, there are innumerable kayak shops that sell the whole range of equipments used in kayaking. There are several leading kayak stores that have almost become synonymous with the activity. 

Kayak Stores

There are several stores that not just sell kayaks and other equipments but also provide them on rent. Thus, paddlers can opt to buy or rent the ensemble according to their preferences. Some of the top kayaking stores include:

SouthwindKayakCenter: Established in 1987, the Southwind Kayak Center is one of the premier kayaking stores in the US. Based in Orange County in Southern California, the shop offers kayaks and other equipments on sale as well as on rent. The store claims that at any given time it has 400 kayaks in its stock that include kayaks of every style and design. One of the best features of this store is its “Demo Mornings”.

The Demo Morning is a ritual wherein prospective buyers get an opportunity to test different kayaks before buying them. Thus, be it low-cost or high-cost, new or used and amateur or expert, Southwind would have the precise kayak for every customer. The Southwind Kayak Center also organizes several kayaking tours and events, which provide a great platform for kayakers to learn and showcase their skills. 

Seattle Raft and Kayak: The Seattle Raft and Kayak store is a great option for the recreational kayakers who would not like to invest in buying a kayak. This is an exclusive kayak rental store. 

Kayaks and Paddles UK: Kayaks and Paddles is one of the leading stores in the United Kingdom that offers all possible kayaking equipments. One of the biggest draws of the store is its staff. The employees of the store are often experienced kayakers themselves and hence give expert advice to the customers while purchasing any equipment. The brand has a range of stores across the country with its main shop located in Plymouth. The other shops in the chain are located at Berkshire-Reading, Cornwall, Dorset-Poole, Gloucestershire-Cheltenham, Sussex-Newhaven, Swansea and Cork.

Carlsbad Paddle Sports: The Carlsbad Paddle Sports is located in San Diego, California and paddlers can purchase or rent kayaks from the store. Also, beginners can learn kayaking by enrolling in the training sessions conducted by the store.

OEX: Started in 1995 in San Diego, the OEX offers kayak retail and rental services along with kayaking tours and training assistance. However, the USP of the store remains its locations as each of the shops of the OEX brand is located at excellent waterfront areas. The list of locations include La Jolla beach, Hyatt Islandia Harbour, Point Loma and the Sunset Beach.

Brighton Canoes-Kayak Shop: Located in Sussex in the United Kingdom, kayakers can choose from as many as 200 kayaks as per their preferences. Along with Kayaks and Paddles UK, the Brighton Canoes and Kayak shop too is a huge kayaking brand in the United Kingdom.

These are just a few of the leading stores that are popular since many years. Apart from these brands, kayakers can also check for good local kayak shops while buying a kayak. 

An experienced paddler and author, Marc Fredmen provides useful tips on kayaking for beginners. Learn more about how to buy a kayak here.

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