Maryland Kayak Fishing

Maryland is an excellent state to enjoy kayak fishing. Baltimore, Annapolis and other metropolitan areas all have kayaking areas within short distances. In the western part of the state are Garret and Allegany counties, known for their lakes, streams and other kayaking areas. Southern Maryland offers a mix of small towns, marinas and creeks where kayaking access is available.

Maryland saltwater fishing is a popular sport among kayakers. Kayak fishermen practice their craft in the rivers, creeks and coves that empty into the Chesapeake Bay. Near the Atlantic Coast, kayakers fish local creeks and back bays Near Ocean City. Kayak anglers can fish with bait, artificial lures or other techniques. Saltwater kayakers catch seatrout, croakers, spot, bluefish, striped bass, flounder, perch, and other fish.

Kayak fishermen can enjoy Maryland freshwater fishing in lakes, ponds and streams. In Western Maryland, freshwater fishing is dominated by the opportunities in the lakes and cool water streams of the region. Smallmouth bass fishing is another popular pastime, with the Susquehanna River being one of several excellent rivers for smallmouth bass fishing.

The eastern shore of Maryland is a favorite destination for kayak fishing. On the Eastern Shore, freshwater species inhabit small ponds and slow moving rivers lined with dense vegetation. The eastern shore is known for excellent freshwater fishing, especially for largemouth bass, pickerel and other cover-seeking species.

Well known Eastern Shore rivers for kayak fishing include the Pocomoke, Wicomico, Nanticoke and Choptank Rivers. These rivers are home to a mix of species. In the brackish and freshwater sections, fish include largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill sunfish, pumpkinseed sunfish, pickerel, gar, white perch, yellow perch, shiners, herring, shad and bullhead catfish, channel catfish, eels and other fish.

Maryland has an exciting schedule of festivals that will interest kayak fishermen. Most Maryland festivals celebrate subjects such as fishing, hunting, boating, harvests, seafood, history and other nautical themes. Nearly all festivals offer shopping, art, crafts, collectibles and other offerings.

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