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Hiking in Norway – A Walkers Guide to Galdhopiggen

At 8110 feet or 2469 metres Galdhopiggen is the highest mountain in Norway. The mountain is situated at the north western edge of the Jotunheim National Park – itself a popular hiking area – which has relative ease of access from both the east and West of the country. As a major glaciated peak, Galdhopiggen…

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Tips for Beginners in Hiking Gear

Collecting fresh air of  nature with physical exercise at the same time, hiking becomes a really fun recreational activity. And you are a fan of hiking, to have a the most comfortable and safe experience of hiking, you can prepare some specific equipment for the trail. The following is some tips to help you purchase…

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Peru Travel Guide – Hiking in Colca Canyon

Peru is one of the world’s leading trekking destinations, and virtually every Peru vacation involves at least a small trek through some of the country’s jaw-dropping natural landscapes and scenery. Most Peru trekking experiences are focused around Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail but the country has a lot more to offer, and one…

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