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The Adventure and Rush in Extreme Kayaking

Have you been looking for an amazing thrill? Are you looking for a new way to test yourself physically and mentally? Are you the type of person that enjoys trying new things and taking risks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then extreme kayaking is what you’re looking for. Extreme kayaking is…

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White Water Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal

For me, initially springing to mind when I think of white water is automatically New Zealand or Canada, two countries generating hype for having some of the most ferocious and spectacular rivers in the world. It never crossed my mind that Nepal could offer amazing adrenaline pumping white water to warrant being rated along with…

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Kayak Fishing Gear Find Great Prices On Kayak Fishing Stuff

Kayak fishing stuff is the second most important purchase when you are going to embark on a kayak fishing adventure. You will first need to find the right vessel to enjoy your trip, which should not take much effort at all. Kayak fishing equipment will be pretty easy to find as long as you are…

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